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Flower Mantis In Resin, Beautiful Insect In Resin, Lucite Specimen


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Item description

Approved by USFWS (Fish & Wildlife) Legally obtained. This tiny Preying Mantis in Resin is absolutely stunning! The crystal clear resin brings out the details in this beautiful insect .

This is a Jeweled Flower Mantis (Creobroter Gemmatus) As with most mantis species, the female of this species is cannibalistic. She eats the male just after mating. Its typical habitat is humid tropical and sub-tropical forests.

We guarantee a high quality, real Preying Mantis specimen. Lucite block measures approx. 2 7/8 inches high by 1/2 inches wide. As with all insects in resin, size, position, and coloration can vary slightly.

*This specimen was inspected and approved by USFWS (Fish Wildlife Services) as being sustainably sourced and approved for resale. Meaning it does not harm the species or the environment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Paiher Hsieh
Flower Mantis Review

The specimen was beautiful, but only 2-dimensional. I am guessing it was dried and flattened. When you put it against a white background, it looked dazzling, and the colors on the wings are very vibrant. Very good desktop ornament!

Christopher Cummings
Cool stuff

Great products and great for viewing

I'm in love!

absolutely perfect and beautiful bug!!! came in great condition and so memorizing to look at!

Kevin Goulet
Beautiful specimen

When it’s not the main attraction of my desk it’s being passed around for interactive entomology at my pest control business, very cool piece!

Ethan Bowler

Flower Mantis In Resin, Beautiful Insect In Resin, Lucite Specimen

Cate Smith
Awesome buy!

Loved this purchase it’s super high quality. Great seller!

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