Oddities Inc. Employment Application

Thank you for the interest in joining our team!

We are no longer hiring at this time.

Are you charismatic and love to be in the spotlight? Maybe you have an artistic eye, a photographer, or love crafting, yet prefer a dark aesthetic. This position might be perfect for you!

We are a small business doing big work. Currently a husband and wife team, with a few part time employees, Oddities Inc. is ran and operated out of our home in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Oddities Inc. consist of two e-commerce sites and various online marketplaces. OdditiesForSale.com and InsectsInResin.com

We are looking for:  A long term person who is serious about the position and would like to be a part of our team. The ideal candidate would be passionate about the job, be reliable, and come along for the wacky ride as Oddities Inc. continues to grow.

The position:  A large part of the job would be assisting with Social Media Live sales and post. This most likely would also extend to additional photo and video for website product listings. The ideal candidate will be able to help with all aspects of daily operations. Therefore the position will also include assisting in our day-to-day tasks such as packing, shipping, and data entry. 

Pay:  As of April, 2024 the position pays 18.00 hr. After a four month probationary period, pay increase to 19.00 hr.

Hours:  As of April, 2024 the position is morning/afternoon: approx. 35hrs. on location and approx. 5hrs that can be done remotely. Hours are flexible and negotiable and there is room for pay and hour increase. 

If you are interested, please fill out the form below and tell us a bit about yourself.

If approved, we will contact you for further interviewing. References and job history will be required.

    Oddities Inc. is proud to be an Equal Opportunity workplace.