Our mission

We have a fondness for nature and all things unique. And if it has a touch of ‘creepy’ to it, all the better. Basically, we sell what we love and our goal is to do it right. Our customers are always appreciated and we do our best to show that by offering the best service and products possible. On a separate note, we take great pride in the fact that all our natural specimens are 100% legal and sustainably sourced and refuse to do it any other way.

A history of spooky

We have always been involved in the business of all things spooky. One of our past endeavors was Spookadar. First the website, then our popular brick and mortar location. It consisted of an Escape Room, Oddity Store, and Coffin Ride. I can honestly say this was a business like no other, and one that Stephanie and I absolutely loved.
David Mucci, CEO Oddities Inc., Stephanie Mucci

A bit about who we are

More than fans of horror and all things spooky, we are David and Stephanie Mucci. My wife, Stephanie, is a licensed embalmer and funeral director. She has a passion for the death care industry and has worked in the field for over 21 years. And I, David Mucci, am a fine arts painter with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Now, with great excitement, we bring you OdditiesForSale.com! What exactly is Oddities-For-Sale? Well, it’s a small business doing big work, operated out of our home with the help of a few employees. 1,400 square feet of our home is devoted to the operations of this business that we love so much. This includes our showroom and mini-museum which is occasionally open to the public.

We are excited to be able to share our passion for all things unique, spooky and curious. As the company continues to grow, our main priority will always be customer service, and we thank you for visiting our Oddities Website.

Meet the main crew

David Mucci, Oddities Inc. CEO

David / CEO – Where all crazy ideas start, and non-stop talker.

Stephanie Mucci, Oddities Inc. President

Stephanie / President – The hardest working woman in Oregon. 

Antonia Dodge, Oddities Inc. Manager. Oregon Oddities and Curiosities Shop

Antonia / Manager – The queen of all things that need managing.

Mos Mason, Oddities Inc Customer Service Oregon Oddities and Curiosities Shop

Môs / Customer Service – Social media and known as “the decider.”

Ali, Oddities Inc. Web Developer

Ali / Developer – Website magic. Doer of the impossible.

Aman, Oddities Inc. Web Developer

Aman / Developer – Helping build the site since day one. 

Emma / Emotional Support – We work hard, this girl makes it easier.

Luther / Security – Keeping your products safe 24/7.

Written by David Mucci, approved by Stephanie. 🙂