Who we are

More than fans of horror and all things spooky, we are David and Stephanie Mucci. My wife, Stephanie, is a licensed embalmer and funeral director. She has a passion for the death care industry and has worked in the field for over 18 years.

When I’m not thinking up some hair-brained business idea, I’m a fine arts oil painter. From classic realism to modern, I work part time selling commissioned pieces.

David Mucci Stephanie Mucci Oddities Grants Pass Basement

History of Spooky

We have always been involved in the business of all things spooky and entertaining. Our most recent endeavors began with the launch of Spookadar.com. This is a site that geo-located your position and shows you all the “spooky” things in your are.

Then came the opening of  the hugely popular Spookadar, a brick and morter located in Modesto, CA. It consisted of our Ghost Hunt Escape Room, an Oddity Store, and Coffin Ride. I can honestly say this was a business like no other, one that Stephanie and I absolutely loved.

Spookadar Oddities Ghost Hunt Escape Room Old Flyer

Grants Pass Basement

With great excitement, we bring you Grants Pass Basement! What is Grants Pass Basement? Well… it’s the basement of our home. It’s not a retail store, it’s a place you can purchase and view our collection of Oddities and Curiosities. You can even try our Coffin Ride. (Yes, the coffin ride is here too)  Message us on Facebook and we will gladly set an appointment for you to come check it out. Check it out on  Facebook.

This site, OdditiesForSale.com shows just a few of the items available. We can now ship products or locals can purchase and pick-up at their convenience.

We are excited to be able to share our passion for all things unique, spooky and curious. We are growing fast and look forward to bringing even more entertainment and spookiness to the Grants Pass area.

Written by David Mucci, approved by Stephanie. 🙂