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Prosthetic Human Eyes, Vintage Style Acrylic Fake Eyes, Oddities


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Item description

Need something weird and creepy in your life? Looking to add something new to your vintage medical collection? Have a desire for more oddities and curiosities in your home? Look no further! Get yourself a box of eye balls. These vintage style acrylic artificial human eyes are definitely unique.

Purchase options of either 4 eyes or 25 eyes in a keepsake box. Eyes measure approximately 1 inch wide. The vintage keepsake box for the 25 eye set measures approximately 8.5 inches by 8.5 inches by 1.5 inches but may vary in color and style.

Each fake eye is a different color, size and shape and will be picked randomly for each order. Pictures are examples of what you could receive. Some of the possible colors include shades of brown, blue, gray and green. We do our best to send a nice variety but, the color brown being the most common eye color in the world with 55 and 79 percent of people having this color there are slightly more brown prosthetic eyes available.

Ocular prosthetics date back to as early as 2900-2800 BC and are often referred to as glass eyes even though in modern history they are traditionally made of a medical grade plastic. They help give back the natural shape to a persons face and aid in building self confidence to those that may have lost or damaged an eye.

*These vintage novelty prosthetic eyes are for display purposes only – not to be used as an actual human prosthetic eye*

Customer Reviews

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Ranin K.
Great product

Will buy again

Tyson C.
Prosthetic Human Eyes

Prosthetic Human Eyes

Mandy M.
So so beautiful!

These came so quickly and I got a wonderful variety.

Donna G.
💖 this Shop !!

Always pleased with my purchases.

Evan P.
Great stuff

Exactly what I needed for my project.

Christina S.
Loved it!

They were so perfect.