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Large Spider in Resin, Hourglass Spider, Lucite Specimens, Cyclocosmia Ricketti


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Item description

This amazing Spider in Resin is a Cyclocosmia Ricketti, commonly know as an Hourglass Spider. It is a type of Trapdoor Spider.

This particular species has a stunning geometric pattern on its abdominal disk. They use this to clog the entrance of their burrows when threatened.

We guarantee a quality specimen but not the exact one shown. As with all insects in resin, size, color, and positioning can vary slightly. Lucite block measures approx. 2 3/4 inches by 1 1/2 inches.

*This specimen was inspected and approved by USFWS (Fish Wildlife Services) as being sustainably sourced and approved for resale. Meaning it does not harm the species or the environment.

Customer Reviews

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Cody W.
Hourglass Spider in resin

Hourglass spider in resin


Just wow. I ordered two specimens in lucite and they arrived in under 48 hours. This spider is amazing. Id been looking for one for a while and the one I got more than met my expectations. Thanks for a flawless transaction and two amazing additions to my collection!

Hourglass Spider in resin

Our little homeschooler loves all the resin creatures, we purchased the spider and it came quickly in the mail well packaged and clear as day no bubbles in the resin and no scratches. Well done!

Cool spider

Will make a nice gift

Nick D.
Very unique specimen

I'm glad I was able to purchase it. Resin is crystal clear and great quality!

sharon c.

I am so delighted to have discovered this shop! It's got perfect gifts for my quirkinesses! Really good service and quality.

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