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Cernunnos, Horned God, Ancient Art, God of Nature and Fertility


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Item description

This piece is of the Ancient Horned God Cernunnos in one of his most widely depicted art scenes. Cernunnos (pronounced as: sr-nuh-nowz) has the body of a man with large stag antlers. He sits crossed legged holding a torc (a sacred neck ornament) in one hand and a snake in the other. Such wonderfully diverse piece that could be added to most home decor to create a nice conversation piece. This piece has a flat back designed to rest perfectly flush against a wall for those with limited shelf space.

This brand new statue is composed of a high quality heavy resin and hand painted to give it an vintage feel. Measures approximately 6 inches tall, 4 3/4 inches wide and 1 3/4 inches deep. Because this is a hand painted item the finish may vary slightly.

Cernunnos is the god of nature, plants, animals and fertility. Originally a Celtic Deity that was later heavily adopted by the Romans. In more modern times he is associated as a Wiccan horned God.

Customer Reviews

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Hale V.
A very nice quality statue

Though the base of it isn't quite level so if I bump my altar table there's a high chance it'll tip. I don't remove stars for little things like that though--as the day I got it, I had performed a ritual to remove a hex that has plagued me for two months. Within an hour of the statue being placed on the altar, one of the votives shattered. This is a good sign when it comes to removing hexes. I think that says what you need to know about the quality of the work.


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Cernunnos Statue

Cernunnos Statue

Cernunnos Statue

Cernunnos Statue

Rachel Q.
Cernunnos Statue

Came fast and looks good!

Good quality!

As expected, and quick delivery. Thanks!

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