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Damascus Steel Athame, Small Altar Knife, Ritual Dagger


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Item description

This high quality Athame is a beautiful piece and wonderful addition to any altar. It has an unique, double edged, sharp Damascus steel blade. It’s beautiful wooden and polished bone handle with brass accents makes it fine piece of craftsmanship. This dagger is the perfect addition to your occult items, your alter tools, or simply a beautiful piece for any collector.

Small Athame Dagger measures approximately 7 inches long (3.5 inch blade and 3.5 inch handle) and comes with a nice embossed leather sheath. Damascus steel is a very strong metal that has a wavy pattern on its surface that is produced by hammer welding strips of steel and iron together.

*An athame is a decorative ceremonial blade. It’s primary use is for rituals, ceremonies and magical purposes. Often used as a tool to direct energies. Because this is hand made with natural wood and bone the athame you receive could vary slightly from the one in the photo.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Christopher Y.
I love it

This is a sweet piece.

Amy V.
Damascus Steel Athame

Damascus Steel Athame

Sherill S.
Damascus Steel Athame

Damascus Steel Athame

Cheryl G.
Perfect 4 my altar!

Just the right size & so beautiful! I love the damascus steel! Seller's r stellar & I will happily buy from them again! Ty. Blessings