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Real Bone Rune Set with Bag, Occult Items, Viking Rune, Elder Futhark


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Item description

Rune stones, (or in this case, real bone rune set), are used as tools of divination, a way to predict one’s future. Hand carved out of real bone, this Rune Set is absolutely beautify and have a great “feel” to them.

The set contains the standard 24 Elder Futhark runes, plus an additional blank Wyrd rune. Comes complete with a drawstring velvet storage pouch. Color of pouch may vary from blue or black which will be picked at random based on availability. Each bone tile measures a little under an inch in length.

Runes are a part of the early Germanic runic alphabet that date back to as early as AD 150. The name Rune its self was derived from early verbiage meaning mystery. It is believed that these pieces where used as magical charms. Although rune reading is not actually about seeing the future or receiving definitive answers, they have been used to look for alternative paths and seeing potential outcomes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kris Gaiero
Elder Futhark Runes

A nice set of Runes made of bone. The order was shipped quickly. Thank you.

Jamie Hatfield
Runes made out of bone

ABSOLUTELY gorgeous Runes. There are a few imperfections that give it such an amazing characteristic.

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