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Item description

Santa Muerte 7 Day Candle Set. Santa Muerte, also known as Our Lady of Holy Death or La Santisima Muerte, is the personification of Death. She is the reaper deity responsible for ushering souls safely into the afterlife. She is often seen as symbolizing healing and protection.

You will receive 2 new candles in glass jars, one black and one white. Each candle measure approximately 8 inches. Each candle comes with a prayer to the Holy Death on the back in both English and Spanish.

7 day candles are contained within a jar and originally created to be burned over a seven day period. Being placed in a jar contains the melted wax, allowing the candle to burn much longer.

Candles can be used in prayer, meditation, rituals, casting spells or to just add a little ambiance to your home.

*Please be safe and never leave open flams unattended*

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