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60mm Small Purple Crystal Ball with Stand, Violet Glass Ball, 2.36 inch


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Item description

Our crystal balls and gazing balls are optically pure and the highest quality available. This tiny purple crystal ball has been hand polished to a near flawless sphere.

Sphere size is 60mm (which is a little under 2 1/2 inches in diameter) and comes with a lovely black ornate stand as seen in photo. Its compact size make it perfect for enhancing displays or altars with limited space. This is a processed item, made of quartz and glass mixture. This is the only way to obtain this level of clarity and flawlessness.

For centuries, people around the world have gazed into reflective surfaces to see visions and achieve clairvoyance. This is referred to as ‘scrying’ and can be achieved using any reflective surface once in a trance like state.

Most commonly used is the Quartz Crystal Ball. People believe quartz to be a crystal of power. Bringing forth energy and aid in bridging a connection between the physical dimensions and that of the mind.

WARNING! Do not place in direct sunlight, or near a window were it is accessible to direct sunlight. This crystal ball can magnify light, creating a fire hazard.

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