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X6 Bleeding Tooth Shell, Nerite Shells, Oddities, Curiosities


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Item description

X6 -This sea shell actually mimics the look of bleeding human teeth! Hence its common name, Bleeding Tooth Shell. (Nerita peloronta) This shell is definitely one of natures little oddities.

This shell is from a species of sea snail. It can be found on the rocky shorelines, facing regular wave action, of Florida, Bermuda, and the Caribbean.

As with all natural specimens, size, shape and coloration can vary. We will take the time to pick quality specimens. You will receive 6 Bleeding Tooth Shells ranging from 1/2-1 inch in size.

These Nerita peloronta shells (not alive, just shell) are sustainably sourced, meaning the sale of this item does not hurt the species or the environment.

Customer Reviews

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Bleeding teeth!

Very pleased. These shells are such a unique item, couldn't buy them past enough. Right into my trinket collection they go.

Bleeding Tooth Shells

Unique little treasures