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Item description

Sustainably sourced, these quail heads are a bi-product of the food industry and normally would have gone to waist. Dried and preserved, they can live on as part of your oddities and curiosities collection.

Not only does this piece make for an interesting and unique display to any curio cabinet, it is also a great item for witchcraft, voodoo or other occult practices. Chick heads, quail heads, and other fowl have commonly been used in various spells and offerings.

One such example is the offering of three quail heads to the Loa (spirit or saint of the voodoo religion) as an offering which can bring many things such as wealth and good luck. The heads are placed in a bowl and tossed in a river or strategically buried.

You will receive X3 (three) dried quail heads in a jar. As with all natural items, size, color and condition can vary. We guarantee quality specimens.

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