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Skull Metronome, Vintage Style, Gothic Decor


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Item description

Metronomes are inherently spooky because they keep such perfect time. All day our brains strive to convert randomness into meaning. Metronomes are predicable, and that’s the point. There’s no room to discover more truth, just rhythmic ticking. The idea that you know exactly what it will do and when tends to be creepy and disturbing.

This high quality metronome is a stylish addition to any Gothic or Victorian home decor. It is embellished with a metallic gold colored skull and fillagree detail. The perfect vintage style finish is achieved with a hand painted patina and rustic finish to the faux wood casing.

Audio sample with optional & adjustable tempo bell.


Easy to use, simply wind it up, select your desired beat and tempo and then set the pendulum in motion. Slide the weight up and down to adjust the speed. Tempo selection from 40 to 208 bpm. (beats per minute) This is a mechanical metronome which uses gears and a winding mechanism for power, no batteries needed.

Metronome weights just under 1 1/2lbs. The casing is constructed of plastic with a faux vintage teak wood finish and metal components. Classic pyramid design. Measures approx. 8.5 inches tall by 5 inches wide.

Customer Reviews

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Skull Metronome

Beautiful and very well wrapped for shipping.

Emily C.
Skull Metronome

Skull Metronome

Looks even better in person!

A great addition to my collection!

Meghan B.
Skull Metronome

Skull Metronome

Stephanie S.
Skull Metronome

Skull Metronome

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