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Item description

Set of 3 Huge Dried Leeches. Ewww… leeches! No matter how gross, these guys are very interesting, not to mention huge! They range from 3-4 inches. A perfect addition to your curio cabinet and oddities collection.

You will receive three Leeches. They are dried and hard, they look and feel like some sort of seed pod that fell from a tree. People have used these in herbal medicines and for spell crafting. As with all natural items, size, color, positioning and condition can vary. We guarantee quality specimens but not the exact ones shown in photos.

*These North American Leeches (Macrobdella Decora) are sustainably sourced, meaning the sale of this item does not hurt the species or the environment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ryan H.
Much better than expected

I was honestly expecting these to either be very thin and fragile or way to small but I was wrong. They are surprisingly tough and so big and fat. Very gross and a hell of an addition to my collection.

Joe B.
Blood Letting

It is easy to imagine these leeches sucking life giving blood from the victim!!!

They're adorable

Theyre actually kind of adorable and make a great addition to the oddities collection

Great leeches

These leeches are well preserved and look fantastic. Shipping was lightning fast and packaging was perfect, so that they arrived in excellent condition. I'm a frequent customer, and I will continue to be.

Vicki N.
Freeze dried leaches

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