X3 Devil Seed Pod, Devil Nut, Witchcraft Herb


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Item description

Set of 3 -These wicked looking seeds go my many names: Devil Pods, Devil Nut, and Bat Nut. It’s spike demonic appearance is where it get its name. These were harvested in China from a plant called the Water Caltrop, it’s a type of water chestnut.

They are considered extremely powerful in driving away all sorts of evil influences and energies. In Chinese culture bats are considered lucky, and since these nuts often resemble bats, they are considered good luck. Cary them with you, hang it from your rear view mirror, or place them in a windowsill. They are also a great herb for Wicca, witchcraft and occult practices.

You will receive 3 Devil Seed Pods, they measure approx. 2 1/2 to 3 inches wide.

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