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Lobotomy Tool, Orbitoclast and Hammer, Vintage Style Medical Tool


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Item description

This Vintage Style Medical Lobotomy Tool Set is called an Orbitoclast and Hammer. Brand new and made of high quality stainless steel. You will receive one 11 Inch sharp surgical spike and one 7 1/2 Inch heavy medical hammer.

Lobotomies are a surgical procedure that began in the 1880’s and became widely used in the 1930’s as a treatment for certain health conditions like depression, schizophrenia and epilepsy. The first instrument used to perform the transorbital lobotomy was called the Lecotome. Because it often broke during use, Dr. Walter Freeman invented this stronger tool called the Orbitoclast in 1948.

Resembling an ice pick, this intensely creepy tool was inserted behind the patient’s eye socket with a hammer which separated the frontal lobes of the brain from the thalamus. By 1951, almost 20,000 lobotomies had been performed in the United States but the practice stopped by 1967.