Phrenology Head, Vintage Medical Phrenology Bust, Oddities, Curiosities


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Product Description

This is a nice vintage style Phrenology Head. Made of a very heavy poly-plaster and painted antique white with a vintage finish. This Phrenology Bust fits in almost any classy home decor. And it makes an excelent addition to any Curiosities Cabinet, Oddities or Vintage Medical Collection.

Measures approx. 6 inches tall X 3 1/2 inches wide.

Phrenology is a pseudomedicine primarily focused on measurements of the human skull, based on the concept that the brain is the organ of the mind.

The foremost American phrenologists, the Fowler brothers, began reading heads in New York in the 1840s. Their publishing industry churned out vast quantities of phrenological periodicals, pamphlets and books.


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