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Set -Embalming Supplies, Mortician Tools, Eye Caps, Button, Former, Oddities Curiosities


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Item description

A great, unique, addition to any curiosities collection. You can’t find items like these just anywhere. Educational/display purposes only! The Embalming Supplies you’ll receive are NOT to be used on humans living or deceased. Items are New out of the box, never used. These Mortician Tools are commonly used during the Embalming process.

You will receive 1 Mouth Former, 2 Eye Caps, 2 Trocar buttons.

– Mouth Former: A plastic mouth-shaped form most commonly used when a decedent is missing teeth. It is made of thin plastic so it can be cut to fit more precisely. The lips are then held in place by the outward plastic barbs.
– Eye Caps: Plastic caps used during the process of “setting the features.” Eye caps are used 99.9% of the time. They are placed over the eye to help reduce the signs of sunken or decomposed eyes. The outward barbs hook onto the inside of the eyelid to help with closing.
– Trocar Buttons: Used to seal a puncture made by a trocar. A trocar (simply put) is a large metal tube used to drain fluids from a decedent’s body.

***The products you will receive are for educational/display purposes only! NOT to be used on humans living or deceased.

Customer Reviews

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Christopher Ketchum
Excellent gift!

Have a thing for oddities? Have a friend who's into the macabre? Have an acquaintance who is a mortician and terrible and keeping things in stock? Then, this is the item for you!

I purchased this collection, along with other items, for my wife's "Cabinet of Curiosities" as part of her Christmas gift. She was super excited after opening this collection and couldn't wait to show her friends, via a FB post. She absolutely loved it and already has a list of other item she wants from odditiesforsale.com.

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