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X3 Real Piranha, Tiny Dried Piranha


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Item description

Tiny Dried Real Piranha – Set of 3. Piranha are a type of predatory freshwater fish with sharp teeth that feed on other fish. These delicate preserved piranhas are more than mere curiosities; they are reminders of the marvels and mysteries that lurk beneath the surface of our rivers and lakes. Display them in your curiosity cabinet, mount them in a shadowbox, or place anywhere you seek to ignite conversation and intrigue.

You will receive three, small dried piranha. Your purchase will arrive nestled in a gift box. These little piranhas may show slight imperfections. Their fragile nature may enhances their allure, but handle with care.

As with all real animal products, size, shape and coloration can vary. We will take the time to pick you the best specimens. Pictures are examples of what you could receive.