Red Nose Lanternfly -Framed Insect Shadowbox, Insect Specimen, Weird Bug


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Framed Shadowbox -Red Nose Lanternfly (Pyrops pyrorhyncha)

A very unique and weird looking insect. Although the Lanternfly’s nose didn’t light up, it’s odd looks prompted an old sailor’s wife’s tale…. the story is that these cute bugs guided sailors home, by lighting up their noses and flying around the sea shore.

Pyrops pyrorhyncha is a Malaysian insect and is displayed in a 5X6 inch shadow box. All insects and items from nature very slightly is size and color. The product you receive may not be the exact one in the photo. We ensure you’ll receive a quality product.

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    love the teal blue of the crystals. really nice size and a good chain length.

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