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We take the time to hand inspect each and every animal skull, and give additional cleaning, to ensure it meets our high standards.

The muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus),is a medium-sized semi-aquatic rodent native to North America, but has also been introduced to many parts of the world. An adult muskrat is approximately 16–28 inches long, half of that being it’s tail. Muskrats are covered with short, thick fur, which is medium to dark brown  in color, with the belly a bit lighter. Their fur has two layers, to aid with protecting them from cold water. They have long tails which are covered with scales rather than hair. The Muskrat Skull is a unique addition to any Oddities and Skull collection.

Skull measures approx. 2 3/8 inches long by 1 3/8 inches wide.

We guarantee you’ll receive a high quality specimen.  As with all Real Animal Skulls and Bones, size, shape and coloration can slightly vary. You will receive one similar to the photo, but not the exact one.

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