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Item description

Comes with free Yant prayer cloth. -We obtained these rare pieces from a shaman in Thailand. The Statue of Phut Mae Nam Khong was made by a Thai Necromancer named Ajarn Song Mondam. Supposedly a powerful spirit named Nang Praai requested he create these figures. He made and recited incantations over the statue on October, 27, 2016.

The statue is made out of what is believed to be magical ingredients: wood powder from haunted woods: Takien Thawng, Sai Thawng, and Praai Taani. These woods are believed to be inhabited by angels.

Materials also contain extracts from rare plants, magic ash called Sa Ne Jan, and magic soil taken from watersides. In the ritual, many powerful spirits were invited to recite an incantation. Those invited spirits are Jao Mae Takien Thawng, Pu Yer, Yaa Yer, Phayaa Thaen, and Mae Phi Faa, and angels who take care of Khong River.

People who worship the Statue of Phut Mae Nam Khong are believed to get help from the spirit of Phut Mae Nam Khong, which helps with luck and prosperity.

*Warning: The free Yant cloth (prayer cloth) could contain sexual images some may find offensive.

* Each is a hand made vintage item. Coloration, and style can vary quite a bit. The product you receive will be similar to the photos but not the same one. Figure is approx. 6 1/4 inches tall and 3 1/4 inched wide.

To worshiping Phut Mae Nam Khong: Offer a glass of water, flowers, two lighted incenses and candles, and grenadine as offerings. Then, recite this worshiping spell three times “Oom phuu ta / mahaa phuutaa / naaka supannaanang / thanang pho khang / ehima ma”

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