RARE -Spirit Ghost, Real Voodoo Doll, Thai Luck Amulet

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Item description

This is a Very Rare, Haunted Amulet from Thailand. Handmade by a powerful Shaman Necromancer named ‘LuangPu EI’. The amulet is called Sa Ne Long Thawng. It symbolizes a wealthy mans corpse in a coffin and is considered to be powerful, offering wealth and good luck.

The figure is made from ingredients said to have super natural powers. Supposedly the ingredients are magical wooden powders such as PhraaiJaoSuaKhunPhaenPluk Hong Phraai, PhongWaanNaangPhayaaPhii Dip, and the ashes of dead bodies taken from fifty nine powerful spirits and dead infants. Haunted soil taken from seven graveyards, seven markets, seven casinos, and wooden from coffin lid.

* This is not a toy, it is delicate and is a real talisman from Thailand. It is meant to be handled with care. The figured is glued in the box and is not meant to be removed. Item measures approx. 2 1/2 inches long by 1 inch wide.

*Warning: Comes with a free Yant prayer cloth from Thailand. This cloth could contain sexual images that some may find offensive.

These are individually hand made and all vary slightly. You will receive an item similar to the photos but not the exact one. The wood and symbols on the lid may be darker or lighter than in the photos.

The method of using :

​- Light 16 incenses stick to invite the prai spirit into your home while asking permission of the houses spirit to let prai in. (this step is only done once)
​- worship monthly by lighting 1 incense and offering raw foods.
​- To wake up the Prai, chant 7 times “ Su Su NA / Si Si Na / SaaThaaYa”

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