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RARE -Real Voodoo Doll, Whispering Ghost, Haunted items, Luck Amulet, Pregnant Figure


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Item description

X1 -Extremely rare! Comes with free Yant prayer cloth. -This real voodoo doll of sorts is originally from Thailand. This figure is that of the spirit known as Ekiaw Tanhar. These were made by a very popular and recognized Shaman / Necromancer by the name of Karaweg Thepnathong.
The following is what we were told about the item and the ‘supposed’ ingredients:

This figure is that of a spirit named Ekiaw Tanhar. The story is that there was a pregnant woman who died, and after her death, her spirit went to live with the shaman who created this piece. She is a whispering ghost who will whisper in your ear and warn you when you are approaching danger. She is also a spirit of passion and is know to assist in finding a lover or soul mate.

The ingredients used to make this good luck statue consist of branches of dead jackfruit trees, Jedpong soil, soil taken from seven markets, and Dawkthong herb. The statue of Ekiaw is then wrapped in very old mats that were used by salesmen at a local market. They are a tool for earning a living and represent making money.

To worship Ekiaw, you simplly offer water and womanly items such as perfumes and make-up. She also like to listen to music that can be played whenever offering.

*This item is real and vintage. You will receive 1 (one) figure. There is definite signs of age such as spots and dirt smudges. Measures approx. 9 1/2 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide.

*Warning: The free Yant cloth (prayer cloth) could contain sexual images that some may find offensive.

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Scott Lanning
Thought there was going to be more

It is a cool piece I thought there was going to be more dialect with it and instructions that I could read but I don't know that language

So sorry to see you weren't 100% pleased. I'm not sure what instructions and foreign language you're refering to. Remember, we gladly except free returns if you would like.

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