RARE -Prai Ghost, Thai Amulet, Ghost Whisper, Hongprai Khotsetthee


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Item description

Comes with free Yant prayer cloth. -We obtained this rare piece from a shaman in Thailand. This figure is that of the spirit known as Hongprai Khotsetthee, which represent a wealthy person.

The model of Hongprai Khotsetthee was supposedly made from ingredients which are believed to have supernatural powers. Such as Magic powders from a dead jackfruit tree, Waan Sane Jan, and bone ash from people who died on a Tuesday.

These ingredients, plus spells cast upon it, made Hongprai Khotsetthee “become alive,” dwelling within the model. The spirit is said to be a kind spirit and to carry many advantages to its owners. Such as attracting positive people, money and protection from magical harm.

*Warning: The free Yant cloth (prayer cloth) could contain sexual images that some may find offensive.

* Each is a hand made vintage item. Coloration, size and hair length can vary. The product you receive will be similar to the photos but not the same one. Model ranges from approx. 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 inches tall.

To worshiping Hongprai Khotsetthee: Offer whisky 2-3 times a week and recite this katha 3 times:

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