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RARE -Prai Ghost, Real Voodoo Doll, Thai Amulet, Luk Grawk Thep


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Item description

We obtained this this rare piece from a shaman in Thailand. It is said that a spirit of an infant child is dwelling within. The particular spirit is known as Luk Grawk Thep.

The model of Luk Grawk Thep was supposedly made from ingredients which are believed to have supernatural powers. Such as Magic powders and Thai herbs named Waan Dawkthawng, Waan Sane Jan, and wooden dust of a Phayom tree which died for unknown reason in standing position.

These ingredients, plus spells cast upon it, made Luk Grawk Thep “become alive,” dwelling within the model. The spirit of Look Grawk Thep is said to be a kind spirit and to carry many advantages to its owners. Such as protecting you and attracting positive people and money.

*Warning: Comes with a free Yant prayer cloth from Thailand. This cloth could contain sexual images that some may find offensive.

* Each is vintage and hand made, coloration will vary. Some may be more red, others more grey. The product you receive will be similar to the photos but not the same one. Model measures approx. 4 3/8 inches long.

To worshiping Luk Grawk Thep: Light 2 incense and candles and red syrup as offerings. Then speak “Na Mo” for three times and then, say “Ji Je Ru Ni / I Ti Maa Ni / Ma Ma Laa Pho / Thu Sa Na Go / Laa Pho Hoo Mi” three times.

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Paul Gainey
Love the Vodou doll..

Love the doll..
I notice activity in my apartment from altar..

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