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Product Description

X1 Real Muntjac Skull. Yes, a deer with huge fangs. Great condition, super clean with all teeth. A very unique and interesting animal skull to add to your collection of Oddities and Curiosities.

The Muntjacs, also known as the barking deer or Reeves’s Deer, is a small deer native to south Asia. Muntjacs are one of those species that haven’t changed much, very prehistoric looking. They are thought to have begun appearing 35 million years ago.

Measures approx. 9 1/4 – 10 inches long including antlers. Actual skull width is approx. 3 inches wides.

You will receive 1 (one) Muntjac Skull. We’ll take the time to send you the best quality specimen. Not all skulls have the decorative fur near the antlers. As with all animal skulls, the size, shape and color can vary slightly. The skull you receive will be similar to the photos.


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