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Item description

This is a great Tarot deck, brand new and never used. The reason for the discount is that some of the outer shrink wrap tends to stick to the box a bit when unwrapping. With a little extra care, maybe it can be fully removed. Also, the box corners ‘might’ be a slightly damaged, that’s all. Some not damaged at all. ***See photos

Contains creative illustrations of the dark demons of the 17th-century and conjures their powers into this unique set of 78-divination cards.

This Occult Tarot Deck faithfully adheres to the Solomonic principles of demon conjuration, Occult Tarot allows users to discover the power of ancient demons and learn to tame the beasts that wander between the physical and spiritual worlds.

These are a bit smaller than a standard tarot cards. They are about the size of a standard deck of playing cards.


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Laurie R.
Perfect for me

The deck was shipped fast. As suggested. I opened the plastic wrap carefully because some of it was indeed stuck to the box. These fit great in my hand, the artwork is still clear even at this smaller size. There's a QR code on the box to bring you to the printed booklet in pdf form on a website. Save it and access it anytime.
Personally, I bought this specific deck to add to my daily reads. I think a collector or one who uses reads in front of people might benefit from the larger size deck for that "wow" factor of the demons pulled. But for me, I'm learning, I have a low budget and I think adding this aspect to my pulls is going to be helpful. Very happy with my choice of seller, thank you.

Gloria L.
Amazing and very powerful!

Such beautifully made deck with bunch of information written on the cards. Beautiful imagery too! I have used the cards a few times now, and every time I’m left with such admiration and wonder as of how accurate they can be for readings.

Macy G.
Great tarot deck

I just love the art on this deck. Packaged well and arrived quick. Thank you

Kassidy F.

When I got the pack and opened it, all the wrapping came off perfectly with a little bit of force. The pictures on the cards are amazing, and they have such a nice feel to them. They aren't too hard or too flimsy. My favorite pictures and cards are The Hanged Man and The Magician. I've always loved tarot cards, but these ones are so pretty that I don't think I can bring myself to use them! They might just be for decoration and for special occasions lol.

Matthew S.
Occult tarot cards

Such an awesome product with amazing artwork and quality.

Charise B.
Small but good for travel

The deck is smaller than I expected, but that's fine with me. It's easier to carry. Following that, the little bag was a pleasant surprise. Of course, as it being a discounted item there were imperfections, but the cards themselves are in perfect condition.

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