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6 Piece Vintage Embalming Tool Set, Old Medical Instruments


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Item description

This unique collection is a 6 piece set of Vintage Embalming Tools. These are old stainless steel handheld devices common to the embalming and medical trades that are still used today. Add these to your curio cabinet or educational display to complete your collection of vintage embalming or antique medical instruments.

Set includes:

2 – Slaughter brand stopcocks. These were used to control the embalming chemical fluid flow

1 – Hemostatic Forceps. These are used to hold human tissue and clamp down on vessels (The forceps you receive could be straight or curved depending on availability)

1 – Arterial cannula. These fit directly into an artery to inject embalming fluid into the circulatory system. (The cannula you receive will already to attached to one of the stopcocks)

1 pair of Medical scissors. The scissors you receive could be straight or curved depending on availability

1 pair of Angled Scissors

You will receive six tools very similar to the ones pictured but not necessarily the exact ones shown. As these are very old there is obvious signs of age. Scratches, scuffs, slight chips and minor dents may be present. We will make sure to pick you out the best available.

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