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4 Canopic Jars, Acient Egyptian Statue, Death Jar, Anubis, Embalming, Turquoise, Isis



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This set of 4 mini replicas of Ancient Canopic Jars were made in Egypt and hand finished. Embellished with an image of the god Isis. and formed in the shape of the 4 sons of Horus. Embalming and Death. These Small Canopic Jars are made of ceramic and measures approx. 2 1/2 inches tall. -Hapy (Baboon, Lungs) -Duamutef (sometimes thought to be Anubis, Jackal, stomach) -Imsety (Human, Liver) -Qebehsenuef (Falcon, Intestines)

These are hand glazed, so each is unique. The finish may vary slightly. You will receive ones similar to the ones shown.

In ancient Egypt, while embalming and preparing a body for the afterlife, the human organs were put in, what is called, canopic jars. There were 4 different jars, each for different human organs: the stomach, intestines, lungs, and liver. There was no jar for the heart: it was believed to be the seat of the soul, and was left inside the body.

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