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2 Headed Baby Ghost, Kuman Thong, Fetus Skeleton, Luck Charm, Haunted Doll, Oddities, Curiosities



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A Vintage Haunted Doll of sorts. Hand made in Thailand. This charm is said to holds the Spirit of a Dead Fetus. In Thai culture, this amulet is believed to bring good luck and fortune. Encased within is 2 Headed Lukok Kuman Thong on Nang Kwag Red Yantra Sacred cloth.

Size: approx. 2 1/2 X 1 1/8 inches.

Charms such as this have been used for many centuries in Thailand and still in common use today. The Lukok will warn both of future dangers, and of coming luck.

Oddities, Curiosities and Weird Stuff – The Original Kuman Thong: To make Kuman Thong, one must remove a stillborn fetus from its mother’s womb. A ceremony must then be performed at night, in a cemetery, by someone trained in Thai animist necromancy. (Usually a monk) the necessary mantras will be spoken which will bind the spirit of the stillborn child. Once dried, the corpse will be covered in gold foil.

Nowadays, monks don’t use this method to make Kuman Thong. It is believed Kuman Thong is the spirit of a dead child still wandering with no place to settle. A guru monk will chant sacred mantras to request the spirit to reside in the amulet in order to help them settle down, and not be a wandering soul anymore. Kuman Thong is not harmful; it is a child spirit that has been re-educated through the Buddha way.

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It's beautiful. My husband loved it

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