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All our specimens have been inspected by USFWS (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services) as sustainably sourced. Meaning, the sale of that animal skeleton doesn’t harm the environment or the species.

Browse animals such as Fox Skulls and Real Cat Skull. Smaller animals such as muskrat, rabbit and mink skulls. We also have African Antelope (Springbok Skull) Raccoon Dog and more.

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What animal specimens are best for starting a collection?

There are hundreds of animal skulls for sale on the market, including Raccoon Skull, Fox Skull, and Domestic Cat Skull. When looking to start a collection it’s best to start with bones that are a bit larger and stronger. Something small and delicate, such as a Townsend Mole Skull for example, may not be ideal for beginners.

What are things to look for when shopping for real animal skulls and bones?

If you’re looking to add some animal specimens to your oddities and curiosities collection then there are a few things you should look for. First, make sure it’s legal. Here at ‘Oddities For Sale’ we do not sell any species that are listed on the U.S. Federal Endangered Species List. No two specimens are alike. Trust your instincts, if the specimen seems as if it’s in bad condition, or the seller seems deceptive, you might want to pass. Often, you will receive a skull where the jaws have been glued shut. Typically this is irrelevant, as the glue is usually from a hot glue gun and is not very strong and can be easily removed if you choose. Missing teeth and a separated jaw are also common; this does not necessarily mean the specimen is bad quality.

How do I take care of my real bone and skull collection?

It’s no surprise that animal skulls and bones are quite durable. If handled with care they will last a long time. Animal bones are best stored in a cool dry location. (in your home is just fine) More consistent the temperature, the better. Rapidly changing temperatures can cause the bone to expand and shrink which could weaken a skull and cause cracks. If you leave bone in direct sunlight for long periods of time, they will can eventually deteriorate and crumble.

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