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We offer the highest quality insects in resin. The Lucite that our insects are set in is crystal clear and won’t yellow. Browse our real butterflies in resin, beautiful beetles in resin and even real Octopus displays. We also have full snake skeletons, and rat skeletons in Lucite.

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Insects and more

Entomology: The scientific study of insects. But you don’t need to be an Entomologist to enjoy these educational displays. Decorate your home of curio cabinet with these awesome resin displays of beetles, spiders, butterflies and more!

Why resin?

Resin or acrylic (sometimes called lucite) is the best way to preserve real insects. Some specimens are pinned which leaves them exposed to humidity and can be damaged by handling. Specimens in resin can last almost indefinitely. Some species can be highly venomous or can carry viruses and parasites. Embedding the insect in resin ensures that any potentially dangerous specimen won’t be mishandled and hurt someone. We even create real insect jewelry out of these beautiful and durable specimens.

Shadowbox and Mounted Displays

We also sell real framed butterfly art as well as other insects in shadowboxes. Beautiful Butterflies and colorful Beetles are collected from around the world and beautifully represented in handcrafted form. Framed and preserved behind glass for you to enjoy for years to come.

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