Ethical Sourcing

Here at Oddities For Sale we are committed to providing legally and ethically sourced natural bone for osteologist as well the novice collector. Suppliers from around the world send us animal skulls that otherwise would be discarded and destroyed. With our services, these remnants are salvaged to ensure as much of the animal is put to use as possible.

We do not condone the poaching of mammals, period! We also disapprove of destroying any mammal solely for the purpose of gaining profit.

Our world-wide suppliers obtain these specimens from natural & predatorial deaths, road kills, food by-products, and from legal hunting & trapping operations. You can rest assured knowing that your purchase conserves these natural treasures and promotes the ethical and legal utilization of our limited resources.

All our animal specimens are inspected by CBP (Customs and Border Patrol) and inspected and approved by USFWS (Fish and Wildlife Services) as sustainably sourced. Meaning the sale of that animal does not harm the species or environment.

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